Life as an Unknown

I’ve got this scar on my heart
That just wont seem to heal.
I’m scared because it still hurts.
I’m scared of what it reveals.

It shows me that I’m full of spite
That I let their actions control me.
It shows me that I’m stubborn and hurt
Cuz I feel like you dont know me.

I’ve got this wound dug in my soul.
His words cut deep within.
I’m far away from letting go.
So I’ll just lie and let them win.

But who are “they” that control my thoughts?
is it that one I can’t forgive?
Or maybe its the Devil who tells my mind
I’ve got no life to live.

Worthless – the words ring out
And I feel there’s no solution.
Sometimes you just have to live and let die
till life takes a revolution.

I have no choice so I’ll pretend I’m numb
but my heart aches with every beat.
I have no choice.  I can’t quit and be done.
I live in constant defeat.

I wish my head would connect to my heart
In my strange elapses of despair
But it’s in these moments I can’t hear God
And that’s what really makes me scared.

Mercy, faith, love, endurance.
I know these all are nice.
But my heart hurts too much to understand
and I’ve paid too high a price.

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