The Gospel As I’ve Known It

This here is the heart of it
Straight down to the core
It’s the reason that I’m unfit
For the kingdom of the Lord

I’m a sinner by nature
I’m twisted and unclean
There’s not a single chaser
That can wash a taste so mean

As that of my darkest thoughts
The flavor of my soul
A foul essence that is wrought
From my desire to control

To rule over what’s not mine
And show God who’s really boss
To prove that I’m off just fine
That I don’t need the cross

Truth is, I need it bad
Cuz I only hurt myself
I break and bleed and then get mad
And say He put me on the shelf

When really that’s what I did to Him
So I could live in my own ways
And even when I see my sin
I still do not obey

I tell myself my pain’s too deep
And the world’s my only balm
I refuse to admit I sowed what I reap
And that just lights the bomb

It hits and I explode
I can’t hold this torture in
Then and there my heart unloads
And I repent of my sin

The sad part is I still go back
I can’t keep myself away
I go to flirt with my ugly past
I’m a sheep that’s gone astray

Why is it only when I’m engrossed
With the sin that I have stored?
Why do I wait till it hurts the most
Before I run to my Lord?

Christ is the only answer
Cuz I’m not strong enough on my own
He’s the chemo to my cancer
To clean all the sin I’ve known

He took it all upon Himself
To save those who don’t deserve it
Offered heaven’s glory and wealth
And yet I don’t observe it

I pass by without thinking twice
Blinded to His grace
I fail to see how high a price
He paid on behalf of my case

Deep down I’m so screwed up
I don’t get anything right
But Christ drank the bitter cup
Drew me into His great light

He went up upon a hill
And there He died for me
Took my sin by the Father’s will
Was nailed to that gruesome tree

It’s in His blood that I am raised
From my old self into new
And it’s God who’s the one to be praised
Cuz he gave me mercy that’s undue

I am no longer a slave to sin
Satan has no rights to me
I have the Spirit here within
I can say that I am free

How amazing to be saved
By the love of our great King
To be a human so depraved
And be forgiven of everything

If it weren’t for Christ, I’d be struck dead
At an audience of the Lord
But it was Christ who paid my debt
And I weep at this reward

How can I not offer up
This life that’s not my own?
I could try to take control but
I’d rather lay it at His thrown

Lord take of me my heart and soul
Lead my steps where they should be
I give to you my life in whole
Let your will be done in me

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