Tired of the Sandy Hype?

Dear people saying “It’s just a hurricane. I’ve seen lots of them before. I’m not worried/doing anything to prepare” or people getting frustrated with others freaking out about Hurricane Sandy,

1. Welcome to the world of social media. Guess what? Everyone’s also gonna post statuses about Christmas on Dec 25th. Just you wait.

2. This is not “just a hurricane.” People are right to be anxious or anticipatory about this. This is 3 storms (an Arctic blast, a normal winter storm, and Hurricane Sandy) that are all merging together right above our heads to create the largest and slowest moving hybrid storm in history (hybrid is NEVER a good word when it comes to weather.  Weather does not mix well.)  Sandy alone would be destructive. Most hurricanes move on quickly, but because she’s so large and slow, we’ll be experiencing 75mph winds for a much longer period of time, which can cause a lot of damage. The longevity of the storm and the lack of precedent for anything quite like this should be causing you to pay attention.Image

Words/phrases that have been used to describe this storm?
“no tropical storm or hurricane has been larger”
“worse than Katrina”
“the worst-case scenario coming true”
“beyond anything anyone has experienced”
“enough energy to make it more powerful than the ‘Perfect Storm'”
“an unprecedented, destructive and dangerous storm”
“biggest storm in US history”
“even the old salts who have seen storms come and go are fearing the worst.”

I think I’m gonna stick with what the trained professionals are saying and take this seriously.

Pray for safety and wisdom. Let’s stop taking this lightly, stop celebrating about cancelled classes, and stop complaining about people freaking out about it. Unprecedented historic devastation is on its way.  Lives are about to be lost.  Homes are about to be destroyed.  Damages are going to cost more than $100 billion. So be prepared for this.

Laugh at me now for being prepared and giving thought to this, but don’t try making excuses later when Sandy’s got you not laughing anymore.


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