Tired of the Sandy Hype?

Dear people saying “It’s just a hurricane. I’ve seen lots of them before. I’m not worried/doing anything to prepare” or people getting frustrated with others freaking out about Hurricane Sandy,

1. Welcome to the world of social media. Guess what? Everyone’s also gonna post statuses about Christmas on Dec 25th. Just you wait.

2. This is not “just a hurricane.” People are right to be anxious or anticipatory about this. This is 3 storms (an Arctic blast, a normal winter storm, and Hurricane Sandy) that are all merging together right above our heads to create the largest and slowest moving hybrid storm in history (hybrid is NEVER a good word when it comes to weather.  Weather does not mix well.)  Sandy alone would be destructive. Most hurricanes move on quickly, but because she’s so large and slow, we’ll be experiencing 75mph winds for a much longer period of time, which can cause a lot of damage. The longevity of the storm and the lack of precedent for anything quite like this should be causing you to pay attention.Image

Words/phrases that have been used to describe this storm?
“no tropical storm or hurricane has been larger”
“worse than Katrina”
“the worst-case scenario coming true”
“beyond anything anyone has experienced”
“enough energy to make it more powerful than the ‘Perfect Storm'”
“an unprecedented, destructive and dangerous storm”
“biggest storm in US history”
“even the old salts who have seen storms come and go are fearing the worst.”

I think I’m gonna stick with what the trained professionals are saying and take this seriously.

Pray for safety and wisdom. Let’s stop taking this lightly, stop celebrating about cancelled classes, and stop complaining about people freaking out about it. Unprecedented historic devastation is on its way.  Lives are about to be lost.  Homes are about to be destroyed.  Damages are going to cost more than $100 billion. So be prepared for this.

Laugh at me now for being prepared and giving thought to this, but don’t try making excuses later when Sandy’s got you not laughing anymore.

I Have No Idea What I’m Thinking

Seriously, I don’t.  I mean, I can identify my random thoughts, but I can’t find one consistent thing that I’m thinking about.

I’ve thought about my family.  I’ve thought about the homework I should be doing.  I’ve thought about the pumpkins my brothers and I carved this afternoon.  I’ve thought about how I accidentally bit the nail on my right pointer finger too short and it hurts like crazy every time I use it to type.  I’ve thought about marriage.  I’ve thought about honesty and lies and how much I’ve been hearing them lately.  I’ve thought about cutting my hair super short or growing it super long. I’ve thought about my love life… or potential for one… or lack of one right now (however you want to look at it).  I’ve thought about why my lip is swelling right now.  On and on.

I tried writing a poem.  But it just started turning into every other poem I write and I scrapped it.  I tried typing out words and seeing what came to my head.  All I came up with was Foam, Furl, Faint.  Why F?  I do not know.

I want to write something.  But I just can’t find anything to write about… so I’m turning to you guys.  Anything you want to read? Anything you think I should write about?  I’m feeling less than inspired and I need an idea that doesn’t come from inside this head. 

It’s Just Been One of Those Days…

Let me note, that I have a powerpoint I need to make, a 30 page worksheet thing to finish, two papers to write, and worship team practice that all have to get done by tonight… These are not the things I SHOULD be getting done as well.  But I have to write.  I have to get this out.  It’s too much for a tweet or even one of my lengthy facebook statuses.  So alas, if you plan on reading this, you are planning on listening to me vent.

I have so much going on right now.  I can’t think straight.  I feel like I’m behind everywhere although I’m not.  These past couple of weeks have been really taxing.  And I’ve slipped into the classic Kelsey mode of “I can handle it.”  I can DO it with God’s help, but right now, I can’t “handle” it.

I lost my car this week to a lot of unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances.  That’s really tough.  I can’t get a second job off campus like I had wanted.  So now I have to get a job on campus.  I need a minimum of 20 hours a week to make my tuition payments and everywhere on campus pays minimum wage and has really crappy hours.  So, I’m stressing about that.  Plus, being out a car… it’s a huge difference.  I have to ask a friend for a ride if I want to go to target for prescriptions, razors, pantyhose… I can’t drive my friend to the hospital when they break their finger in the intramural football game… I can’t say to my friends “Hey, let’s go to applebees for half price apps tonight!”… I hate that.  I hate this.  I miss my car and to be honest I was really attached to it.  I had a lot of memories in that car.  It’s a serious blow.

The job I do have right now is great.  I love it.  I get to be apart of the major event planning on campus.  Wouldn’t trade it at all.  But it takes unforeseen time out of my schedule.  I’m used to working a for a few hours on two or three specific days of the week.  But with the nature of the events we’re working on right now, I’m finding myself handling work business outside of my work hours.  Welcome to the real world huh?  I just don’t have a lot of schedule consistency right now and I really am not a fan.  It will get better in a week or so.

My worship team is playing an all worship chapel on Friday.  So we have about 9 songs we’ve been preparing, but we’re not quite there yet.  And that’s stressing me out.

Sleep.  I’m not getting enough sleep and my sleep schedule is so whack.  Welcome to the life of a college kid.  I haven’t gone to bed before midnight in I don’t know how long… last night I finally got to sleep around 4am.  It’s like my first semester of college all over again.

Food.  My diet here is a joke.  I live off of starch and fat.   The fruit is always rotten.  The only vegetable that is consistently fresh and actually tasty is the spinach.  I honestly eat mostly rice and beans.   My friends notice it too and like to poke fun at how nasty it looks.  Plus I eat everything with gallons of hot sauce to either mask the weird flavor or make up for the flavor its lacking.  I really don’t know what else to eat.  My cafeteria is NOT vegetarian friendly.  They put meat in everything.  Burrito?  BEEF burrito.  Enchiladas?  CHICKEN enchiladas.  Grilled cheese?  Grilled HAM and cheese.  Pasta bake?  SAUSAGE pasta bake.  Every now and then they have a “vegetarian bar” that has limp celery, carrot sticks, sunflower seeds, beans, and hard boiled eggs that have turned green.   I’m sorry, what?  That’s what vegetarians eat for dinner?  I’ve been a vegetarian almost two years now and that’s not what I eat for a meal.  I don’t want to just fill up on french fries, mac n cheese, and cheese pizza… but sometimes when I’m tired of rice and beans, that’s all there is.  Cereal.  There’s lots of cereal.  But my body is so hungry.  It needs vitamins and minerals and protein.  GIVE ME PROTEIN!  The only protein sources I have here are eggs (when they have them), peanut butter, beans, and cheese.  And cheese does not count as protein.  Thank goodness I have quinoa and chobani in my apartment.

My schedule.  Agh.  Mondays and Tuesdays are horrors for me and Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays are spent catching up with what was put off because of the busy Mon/Tues.   I feel like I’m running like a chicken with its head cut off.

Church.  I miss being at Passion City Church.  I felt like my soul was REALLY fed there and I’m getting a little hungry.

Minnesota.  Gall I miss home.  So many sites my eyes wish to see.  So many places I want to be.  I want to go to Ritter Farm Park, and Indigo tea, and the Mall of America, and to the sculpture garden, and to the top of Buck Hill late at night, and to my back yard.   And the culture.  I miss Minnesota nice.

My friends.  I miss deep friendship.   I have a couple really close friends here, but I’m so busy!  I haven’t seen my best friend since June.  Heck, I haven’t seen most of my closest friends since my family moved from Minnesota.  That’s really taken a toll on me.  I miss feeling like someone was invested in me and I in them.

My family.  I miss my family.  I miss Zach’s sweet affection.  I miss being astounded by Philip’s brilliance.  I miss goofing around with Ruth and hearing her singing in her room.  I miss being a part of Joseph’s life.  I feel like he’s changing and learning so much and I’m not there for it.  I miss I miss having my mom as my friend.  Being the only ones we really knew in the state of Georgia really gave us time together and I miss that.  I miss my dad’s wisdom and peace.  He’s a place of stability for me and I’m really lacking that right now.  and heck, I miss my dog.  That old, fat, ugly thing.  I miss Lewis a lot.

EDIT:  I do not want to make it seem like I do not miss Haley, Cody, or Megan too.  I was listing off my family at home.  My sisters and brother in law are dear to me.  It just didn’t come naturally to list them when I was thinking about stuff I miss from home since they haven’t lived at home in many many years.

Today’s been rough for many reasons.  The lack of sleep certainly doesn’t help.  Oversleeping and missing chapel definitely didn’t help either.  My lunch of white rice, cheese pizza, and fruit loops DEFINITELY is not helping.   The overwhelming work load isn’t so great either, but what’s worse is that it feels really accomplishable, so I feel guilty for not being able to pound it out like I want to.  I also had time to be faced with the reality of one of my friends here leaving, and I don’t like it at all.  Don’t get me wrong  I really think they should go based on the circumstances.  But the selfish side of me doesn’t want to say goodbye.   BUT the big kicker of the day was class.

In one of my classes we’ve been asked to share our testimonies, our life stories, our spiritual journeys thus far.  I haven’t given my testimony in front of a group of more than 2 people in 3 years.  And even then, the big stuff of my testimony has happened in these past 3 years from the last time I shared it.  So, really.  I’ve never shared this part of my life with a large group of people.  God’s really been working on me to open up about my testimony, and I was all “yeah, cool God.  We’ll get to that.”  and God was like “Yes we will, we’ll get to that now.  Here’s your homework for this class!”  Holy buckets.   I am honestly so freaked about sharing my life story.  There’s parts of my story that I’ve only shared with a small handful of people.  There’s even parts that I haven’t talked with my siblings about.   Sharing this takes a huge leap of faith and a huge piece of vulnerability for me and I’m scared.  Every day we get to class and about 2 or 3 people share theirs per class at random.  I’m always freaking out about when it’s going to be my turn.  “Should I share today?”  “Should I go after he’s done?”

Today was awful.  I decided I needed to share mine today.  I was going to do it.  It was time.  I couldn’t keep going through class every MWF feeling so anxious.  I spent the entire class wringing my hands, shaking, breathing fast (which.. actually.. I always do anyways), and having to wipe my hands because my palms were so sweaty, just waiting for my chance to share.  My friend next to me was chuckling because of how nervous I was, and laughter helped… but I was still really anxious about my moment to share . Only guess what.  That moment never showed up.   So I headed back to my apartment frustrated with sweaty palms, a shaking body, a dizzy head, and a stomach ache like no other.  Anxiety blows.   It’s been over an hour since I got back from class and I’m still shaky and sweaty, despite the fact that I’ve just been sitting here doing nothing but drinking my tea.

I have a good life.  I have a good job, a good school, good friends, a good God.  Life is good and pleasant.  But I just feel like crying.  And I don’t mean like the sniffles and tearing up thing I’ve been doing while I’ve written this post.   I mean like a good, long, hard cry.  I feel like sobbing.  But I have no where to go.  Honestly, if I had my car.  I would grab some mascara and cover-up (for the aftermath), get in my car, drive to a park, and have at it.   But right now.  I’ve got no where.  There’s no place that I can go where there isn’t people around.  It’s tiresome keeping it together 24/7.  “But Kelsey, isn’t there someone you can go to?”  Yeah, there are lots of people I can go to, but I don’t want to.  I just want this emotional side of it all to be between me and God right now.  I hate showing emotions like this around people.   Ugh, I should probably be going back to Oasis (the counseling center here on campus).

I’ve spent an hour and a half writing this post that maybe 35 people will read according to my stats for most posts like this.   But whatever.  I needed to get all of this out.  I needed to vent.  And honestly, I do feel a little better now.   Moral of the story, life’s good but life sucks.  and it’s just one of those times when things are really stressful.  Really, I’ve never been so much at peace with where I am at with God, and I’ve never had as much self-esteem as I do now.  Two of the big things that usually eat at me couldn’t be better.  It’s just been a build up of unfortunate circumstances and I needed to get it out.

My Thoughts On 9/11 – That Have Nothing To Do With Nationalism, Air Planes, or Terrorists.

I remember the day well, as most people do.  I remember the sadness, the fear, and frankly the confusion that I felt.  It’s a hard concept for a 9-year-old to wrap their mind around, but I understood that it was a horrifying tragedy.   Every year on the anniversary of the day I never know how to feel.

I want to jump on the bandwagon and post a status on facebook about today, but I fear that the more “facebook cause” like statuses that get posted, the more this day becomes like the “repost this if you’re against animal cruelty” photos that go around and that does an injustice to this day.  I would tweet something about being proud to be an American or how our nation has pulled together because of this, but let’s be honest, our country today is not what it was 11 years ago.   So then I turn to think about the day…

As the daughter of a pilot, I am reminded of the civilian tragedy side of 9/11.   Families who lost loved ones that were just doing their job or going about their normal lives.  And I think of all the families who’s main provider lost their job due to the airline industry falling apart.

As the daughter/granddaughter of veterans and the sister of an army soldier, I am reminded of the war on terrorism.   I think of the countless soldiers who gave their lives in service and the families who suffered loss, whether it was a life or just time without their loved one.

But this year, a new side of 9/11 sticks out to me that I want you to think about too.   Something else has captured my thoughts.   Last year, I was trying to convince myself it didn’t effect me.  But this year, as someone living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (and acknowledging it), I find myself thinking of those who struggle with PTSD as result of 9/11.

Over 10,000 people are said to have PTSD as a result of 9/11 and that number does not include the soldiers who have fought in the war on terror.  It’s easy to dismiss this, but I want to shed some light on the topic.

Imagine having to relive the worst day of your life over and over in your head.  The thoughts just waiting to be freed any second.  It could be a smell, the tone of someone’s voice, the face of a stranger that remarkably resembles the woman who was standing next to you at the time, the way a branch scrapes across your skin on your morning walk, a certain set of words, or emotions you feel about a completely unrelated event that can set you off.  Suddenly you’re swamped with thoughts. You may be in the middle of the mall, but your mind is back there.  You may be in a meeting at work, and your emotions start running wild.  You could be sitting in the back of a car out with friends, and your body starts sliding into a panic attack.

It’s scary, it’s embarrassing, and it’s just hard.  It’s not something I would wish on anybody, not even my worst enemies.

To think, we’re reminded of the tragedy of 9/11 every now and then, but to those thousands of people 9/11 has become a part of their life.  Those firefighters, witnesses, policemen, and survivors.  They have lived with 9/11 for 11 years.

Beyond the debilitating nature of the disorder, I especially think of the guilt that comes with it.  The “Why did I survive and he didn’t?” guilt.  The “I only witnessed it.  I wasn’t actually in the midst of it.” guilt.  The “My family and friends are tired of me talking about this” guilt.  or the “Why can’t I just get over it?” guilt.  And piling 11 years on top of it… that’s just torture.

I am beyond thankful for the many counselors and therapists who have helped the 9/11 PTSD victims cope with their symptoms.  To be honest, it is debated whether or not PTSD really ever goes away, and I’m sure for a lot of them, being 11 years removed from the event, they can say they no longer struggle with it or that they have come to a place where they find their symptoms quite manageable.  At the same time, there are many who struggle with PTSD who see 11 years as nothing compared to how long they’ve dealt with it.  Even if they have learned to handle the symptoms, keep in mind that memories like that don’t just go away.

So today, as you remember those who have died, those who have lost loved ones, and those who have fought because of the events that took place on September 11th, don’t forget the PTSD victims in your thoughts and prayers as well.

God bless our nation and God help us all.

The Year of Practicality

Well, here I am.  First day of school.  It’s my jophmore year… well, it’s my 3rd year, but I’m 1 credit short of being a junior.   So here I sit with my eggs and hot sauce in the school caf, sipping on some apple juice that tastes more like honey and liquid candy corn than it does apples.

I’ve been here on campus for almost 2 weeks now (has it really been that long!?) working non-stop with the orientation team.  It’s been crazy fun getting to know the new students.  I’m loving the friendships I find myself making.  At the same time, I’m exhausted from the 8am-dinner/8pm days I’ve been working everyday with out any extended down time.    I would love more time to just settle in with my old friends and new… but alas it’s Monday.

Now it’s supposed to be that time where I write about all the inspirational and overreaching things I have planned for myself this year, but honestly, I have nothing. I have goals, but a wise friend once said “I like to set my goals low, so I can actually achieve them.”  (bonus points if you know who said that).  So this year my goals are the practical bare minimum… cuz I have no room for anything else.

This year I’m trying to:
-Cut it with the irregularity in my one on one time with God.
-Not die from working 2 jobs and 2 ministries and doing them with excellence.
-Maintain, if not increase, my current G.P.A.
-Stay out of drama.

Really, that’s all I’m asking of myself this semester.  I have no social goals or expectations outside of that drama piece, because I would rather have a minimal social life than deal with the crap I did last semester.   I know what type of person I don’t mesh well with in the end, and I’ve been working since early this summer to avoid that.  Plus, setting expectations on your social life never seems to work out in a good way.

I’ve gone back and forth on wanting to set health goals for myself like working out everyday, but I’ve found that an inspired “I CAN DO THIS!  THIS WILL BE AWESOME!” Kelsey turns out to be a disappointed Kelsey.  I won’t drop the ball on my health, but I’m not getting fancy about it this year.

I just want to work hard, focus on my relationship with God, keep my head low, and stay afloat.   In all reality, I’m trying to keep it practical.   Practical.   Just a job well done with as few road blocks as possible… that’s not so hard to do right? ….right?

What If It Really Isn’t Well With My Soul?

Do you ever feel like God’s promises are true for everyone but you?
That somehow you can reason your way through the tales of His goodness
With the guilt trip that you shouldn’t have a good life as a Christian,
Or that you reap what you sew no matter how merciful He is?
He is just too.  What’s to say He’s not justly punishing you?
What’s the difference between a consequence and a punishment?
Is there a difference?
Then you tell yourself it’s all about perspective,
That God’s goodness in the joy He gives you and that He will sustain you.
And everyone else tells you that “God never gives you more than you can handle.”
Then you think… maybe God’s goodness was already shown on the cross
And will be shown in heaven
And how dare you complain about now when He already has and will do so much.
Then someone so graciously reminds you
“Now… now… our treasures should be in heaven and not earth.”
They walk away feeling good about themselves
You wonder if their pious little butt really doesn’t care about their earthly life.
Then someone who is not a Christian questions
“If God is really good, why do bad things happen to good people?”
And all your Sunday school training says “No one is good.  We’re all born into sin.”
But you question the same thing.
You post those statuses and tweets of truths you struggle to believe
Hoping that if you say it publicly, you’ll take it to heart
Then you see that other person online who raves about their love for Jesus
And you want to puke because of how fake it seems to you,
Because you know how they live their life off of social media.
But then you scold yourself for not being able to see them as Christ sees them,
Which then reminds you of all the people in your life who,
No matter how hard you try to get that log of a grudge out of your eye,
You struggle to love or even see them as brothers and sisters in Christ
Or if not that, just simply a beautiful design from the Creator.
It also shows that no matter how long you’ve worked, prayed, tried, and fought.
You still struggle with the same things you have for years.
Because two and a half years ago you were writing this already.
In poem after poem.
Only now your heart has grown more cynical and has only been broken more.
The gospel clicks for you and then again it doesn’t.
Some days it puts you in tears.
Some days you’re enraptured by it.
Then back to tears…
Then it makes you boil,
and then back to tears.
How is it ok to have someone sinless cover it all for you?
And if He could forgive, why can’t you?
But then you cycle and cycle and cycle.
Nothing ever stays the same.
Nothing gold can stay.
You want to be climbing up the mountain of faith
But it feels like you’re just circling around the same level,
Running into the same trees in different seasons.
His ways are higher than our own.
So sit down, shut up, and stop crying about it,
Because you’re just too human to get a satisfying answer.
You can’t tell what’s more messed up.
What’s He’s done and is doing,
Or the fact that you think it’s messed up in the first place.
But the gospel is messed up right?
It’s just. not. right.
Beautifully, tragically messed up.
Could you be beautifully messed up too?
Ah, it’s not quite the same thing…

Lord, I believe… but help my unbelief.

I’m Bringing Sexy Back

Yes sir.  You read that right.  I’m bringing sexy back.  Just like J.T.   Nahh, I’m just kidding.  I’m just bringing “her” back.  Who?  You know.  That one girl.  You’ve  met her before.  Red… Ariel…Raggedy Ann…Pippi Longstocking…Mary Jane…Poison Ivy…Phoenix…Lucy…Weasley…that chick with the red hair.  Unless of course, you find red hair sexy, then yes of course.  I am bringing sexy back.


After the first dye of Manic Panic’s Rock N Roll Red…

Now that’s Poison Ivy.  Yeah, just too bright red for me.  I needed a darker color with more of a brown/purple undertone to it.

So I got a box of Feria Ruby Fusion and put that on my hair.  I let it sit for about 15-20 minutes after I finish applying it and got this.

Great color.  Just a lot darker than what I was going for.  But I had the right base, so I washed my hair a few times  over a day or two with really hot water and got…

Notice how these pictures are going in a procession from makeup to no make up?  haha.   So I had a lighter color.  It was browner, but it was lighter and that’s what I needed.

THEN, I applied Manic Panic Rock n Roll Red again.  Left it on for 4 hours.. and got….

Now THAT’S what I’m talking about.  I’ll probably use Manic Panic’s Vampire Red to touch up the roots.

But yes, I love it.  I’m back.

Have You Ever Lived With A Pug?

Because I have for the past 10 years.  And let me tell you, it’s fun.  Yes, pugs can be very ugly.  Yes, they can have bad gas because they have to breathe out of their mouths more than their nose.  And yes, they are lazy and stubborn.  But he’s the sweetest thing.  He’s patient and he is the ultimate definition of a lap dog.  He also provides great comedic relief to the family.  There are not many people out there that you can call fat, ugly, and stupid without offending them or getting in trouble.  But he has no idea what you’re saying when you say it in a positive tone of voice.  It’s great therapy I tell ya.  So for the past few days I’ve had my camera on me and I’ve just been gathering videos of my dog.  I’ve compiled them all together here.  Now you can know what it is like to live with a pug.

I Feel So Crafty! – DIY Colored Jeans and Ombre Shirt

Summer is my best and worst friend.   I hate this heat and humidity, but I LOVE all the free time I’m getting to do DIY’s and recipes from pinterest.   Today I finished two DIY projects!

The first (and most extensive) was a project to refashion your ho-hum jeans into colored jeans.   This process took a couple days due to the amount of bleaching I had to do.  The first round of bleaching I did in my bathtub.

Here they are before…

I filled it up with enough water to cover the jeans, then added a half gallon of bleach.  Then bleached them for 3 hours turning them over every 30-45 minutes.   During this process I discovered that HOT water speeds up the bleaching process, so I was running back and forth from the bathroom to the kitchen with pots of boiling water.  That didn’t lighten the jeans up enough, I was out of bleach, and it was nearing 1am.  So I threw them in the wash alone with no detergent then hung them up to air dry.

The second round of bleaching, I got a big bucket.  Filled it up with boiling water, poured in a (freshly bought) half gallon of bleach, then put the jeans in making sure they were all covered by the water.  I bleached those for 4 hours.  The last hour or so was just bleaching the thighs of the jeans because they were determined to hold onto what little blue they had left.  Ironically the thighs were the lightest part of the jeans when I started out this project.  After 4 hours, I still had this weird baby blue, mint green, pastel yellow pair of jeans.

but I had heard horror stories of bleach eating through the denim.  So, I washed these by themselves in the washing machine with no detergent once and with detergent twice.  And in the morning I had (mostly) white jeans!

In this picture I put a (brand new) white shirt on top so you could compare the colors.

Then I washed out that bleach bucket, filled it with boiling water again, mixed in the dye (and salt) and dyed the jeans for maybe 30 minutes?  I was kind of doing 5 things at once and it was boiling hot outside with a lot of humidity, so I kind of lost track of time.  I used rit dye’s sunshine orange and scarlet mixed together, because according to their website it would produce this lovely peachy coral shade.

and I was really hoping for a pair of coral jeans ala Kate Middleton.  
What I got (after dying them for about 30 minutes in highly concentrated water, then rinsing, washing, and drying them) was….

A little TOO orange… I think I would’ve preferred a mix of the two outside colors.. and this orange is not a mix of those two.   So I ran to the store and bought a box of petal pink RIT dye and dyed the jeans for a few hours.  Then rinsed them and washed them twice and I got….

My little brother Zach thought he’d be funny and make fun of me in my pictures.  It was too precious to not include in here.   One of my biggest concerns was how the back would look because of all the stitching on the pockets (knowing the thread wouldn’t take the bleach or dye) and I’ve heard that peach/coral isn’t a very flattering color for your…ermmm… backside.   AND AS AWKWARD AS THIS PICTURE MAY BE…

And if you think this picture is awkward, try asking your little sister to take the picture for you.    I think the stitching on the pockets is one of my favorite parts.  And the funny thing is.. these pants feel bigger on me than they did when I started this process… hmmm..  I still don’t LOVE the color.  I wish it was a little more pink, but its a DIY.  Beggars can’t be choosers right?  To think… These started out as a regular pair of blue jeans.

The second DIY project I did was an ombre shirt.  By the way, I’m a little confused.. I’ve been saying ombre like ohm-bray.  But I’ve heard some people calling it ahm-bre.  Which is it!?

ANYWAYS, the only difference between how I did my shirt and how the girl in the video did her’s was that I did not section of the shirt with rubber bands.  I didn’t want those white tie-dye lines, but I did section off a part of the shirt (the point where I didn’t want the color to pass).   And when I was dipping my shirt, the first dip was in water with just a little bit of dye and I added more dye with every dip.

So ya, I dyed it then hung it upside down and used a spray bottle to spritz cold water on the lines where the different shades met so they would blend together and not be… well… lines.

The shirt was a brand new shirt from Marshall’s.  And it’s HUGE!  It’s one of those shirts that you definitely need a cute belt and accessories to make it look right.  Seriously, I could be 9 months pregnant and it would still fit… Hmmm… I hope if I ever have kids that ombre will still be in then, I may have just scored myself a fashionable maternity shirt for an entire pregnancy.  Think, it would be a great “hide the baby bump” shirt for when you’re not telling anyone yet, it would fit all the way through the pregnancy, and then it would work as a “hide the baby fat” shirt after you had the baby.   BUT seeing as how I’m no where close to even getting married anytime soon, I should just think of it as a cute shirt… or give it to my sister whenever she decides to make me an Aunt!  (incentive- Get pregnant.  Kelsey gives you an awesome shirt)

DEAR GOODNESS, where have I gone with this!?  ANYWAYS, at the end of the dying, spraying, hanging, and washing.  I came out with this…

I love how it looks in the sunlight.   I guess I should’ve taken off that rubber band before washing the shirt…  I wanted richer color, so I dyed it again, and dyed it in the pink dye for the jeans for a bit.
See what I mean about it being a good maternity shirt?  Hahah, I’m happy with the result.  Might not be my favorite color, I would’ve preferred it to be the red color it was when I dyed it… but I think it would look really good with navy, stripes, maybe black too.

So ya.  There’s my crafty exploits of the past couple days.   Pretty fun huh?