Looking for a good read?  Check out some of these blogs that I follow!


College grad with a mind that runs a mile a minute.   Read his blog to see life through his eyes.


College student, Christian, Hip-hop artist.   His blog features his music as well as writings on the world around him.


Looking for a mental break?  Check out the Ever So Weird Animal Almanac.  You won’t believe some of the things you see!


What better blog to read than one of someone who is passionate about writing?  Josh’s blog features genuine and thought provoking posts.


A new mother who writes about the joys of motherhood as she raises her first child.


Photography blog from a man who takes breath-taking pictures in India.


American woman living in Oxford, England with her husband and two daughters.  Very eloquent and humorous.  She’ll leave you with a thing or two to ponder.


Young man in the UK who is honest, blunt, and willing to see things from all perspectives.


Christian professor and journalist.  His writings are full of wisdom and insight.  Worth the read.

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