Quick Post: 10 Tips to Pulling A Successful All-Nighter

It’s 4am during finals week and I have way too many words left to go on this paper that’s due by noon.  But I needed a mental break, so I’m giving you all free-advice that you probably already knew if you have ever googled “How to pull an all nighter” like me.

(Note: I kept this list short because if you’re actually trying to pull an all nighter right now, you really should be working and not reading this.)

1. Caffeine and 5 Hour Energy – They’re a must.
2. Public places with other people – You’re less likely to fall asleep.
3. LOTS of ice water – Keeps you hydrated and alert, plus nobody can sleep when they have to pee.
4. Burt’s Bees – Rub on the skin under your eyes when you’re desperate to stay awake.
5. Nutrition – Fruits, veggies, multivitamins, and protein are essential to keeping your body alert.
6. Food – (yes this is different than nutrition) Apparently chewing stuff stimulates your brain.  And honestly, I am always looking for excuses to eat.
7. DO NOT SHOWER – Unless its a cold shower.
8. Set alarms on your phone for intervals of time if you REALLY feel like you’re going to sleep.
9. Music – Specifically upbeat, high-pitched, annoying stuff you can’t fall asleep to.
10. Breaks and Rewards – You’re not a work horse.  Don’t think you can just power through the night.  Give yourself mental breaks (like the one I’m giving myself right now!) and reward yourself for accomplishments.