Spending a Blizzard with Mr. Jones

I’m glad to see you Mr. Jones
But why on earth are you still here?
I thought you would leave now that you’re grown
But you brave this place without fear

Mr. Jones, I’m curious.  Why didn’t you leave?
All of your other friends did
They went to Florida or Brazil I believe
But it’s like leaving is something you’d forbid

Tell me Mr. Jones, why you of all
Would be the one to stay?
However, I’m glad you didn’t leave in the fall
Your vibrance brightens my day

Mr. Jones, you’re a gift to the eyes
A treat for those who can find you
Even if the snow is your disguise
You’ve given this tundra a bright view

Sometimes I Wish I Could Be a Cow

Call me crazy, but I envy these cattle
They’re as patient and tolerant as can be
Their lives are simple, no struggles, no battles
They just live each day as they please

In a way, they’ve nursed us from our youth
They’re our foster mothers in a weird sense
We live off of the milk that they produce
So say hi to your momma behind the fence

Just think how free you would feel
If you ate as much as you like
Getting to eat the biggest meals
Tasting it as often as your mouth delights

Imagine life not worrying about weight
You could pile on the pounds without care
Big is beautiful.  It feels so great
“Oh, I’m fat?  I was not aware.”

This may be pointless or dumb
It may be just a stupid thought
An idea I couldn’t keep away from
But not a goal that I’ve sought

Yeah, I must be crazy for praising a cow
But they’ve got stamina and character, right?
I’m glad to be human, but anyhow
To be like a cow would be nice