What is “absolute” and what is “relative”?

God I need you to answer my prayer.
Holy Spirit I need you there.
I’m lost and confused.  I need your advice.
Show me how to live a life that loves Christ.

Assumptions are surrounding me.
I need understanding to be set free.
Open my eyes and show me your path.
Let not my actions fall under your wrath.

Jesus, I love you.  You know this is true.
But I’ve got a lot do overcome before I’m like you.
Show me how to love but not break your heart.
Keep me for your own.  Don’t let me depart.

You know why I’m here.
You know what I hold dear.
Give me guidance in this.
Don’t let me forget you in my bliss.

Lord, I need you.  It’s as simple as that.
Can you please show me where your will is at?
I know answers aren’t instant, and I’ll have to wait.
But God, please help me.  Make my path straight.