Overflow on a Late Night

He asked me what I was going to do this weekend.  I said I might write.  He asked me what I was going to write.  I told him I didn’t know.  There’s something about writing, that sometimes you just never know what it’s going to be or where it will take you.  And I’m not sure if I know what it is even now.  The irony that he would be my muse after our conversation and on the first thing I’ve written in months…

He’s an unwritable song
Nothing my fingertips could play
Nothing my lips could sing
Nothing my mind could pen
None of it would fit him.  

It just wouldn’t.
Not because he’s “too good” or “perfect” or “indescribable”
I just don’t posses the skill to capture his essence rightly.
It wouldn’t be done right.

He fascinates me.
His will, his mind, his strength
He is fascinating.
And he is beautiful.
His face, his desires, his soul.
All so beautiful.

He’s proven to me that God uses us to show each other His love.
That even though I’m not perfect, there’s someone willing to work through it all with me.
That the best kisses can be the still, soft ones.

There is nothing like the warmth that fills my heart when I see him smile at me.
Or the many smiles I can’t contain every time he does those little things that make him, him.

I used to think love left you with a hunger and an ache within yourself for someone else.
Or that it was this elation or joy that bubbled out from your core.
That love was an experience… or a story.

Maybe those are a product of love… a result… symptoms, if you will.
Maybe I don’t even know.

But I do know this.
I love him. 
And that love is happening now.  It is active.  It is constant.  It is here.  
It’s voluntary and involuntary all at the same time.

I just want to hold his hand,
When he is endearing, as a way to show him affection
When he is broken, to console him
When he is sure, to support him
When he is confused, to support him then too
When he is an ass, to remind myself of all the above
And when he is just who he is, to say “I want to be a part of this forever.”

He is worth more than I could give him.
He is amazing.  
He is better to and for me than I even had the courage to pray for.

God, keep my lips holy, my heart faithful, and my intentions pure.
Use me to show him your love, goodness, and peace
And guide us to you together.

A Great Romance

There is a man who loves me.
Cherishes me.  Pursues me.
I haven’t always appreciated him.
And still he fights for me.
I was disgraced.  Justice burned in his heart.
I was rebellious.  Sadness welled in his eyes.
I was broken.  Determination set on his face.
He rose up.  Left everything behind.
Disregarding expectations.
He gave up all life had for him.
And he chose to stand by my side.
He romanced me.  Spoke of the life we could have together.
He promised all he had for me.
He told me stories of his home and his dad.
Said he couldn’t wait to take me there.
He was beautiful. He loved without bound.
But there was something wrong.
He knew I wasn’t ready.  He knew I needed help.
I could not just give my heart over in the state it was in.
I was not ready to go home with him.
I was not prepared for his intimate love.
I was not prepared for his father to see me.
He knew what stood in my way.
My enemies.  My past.
And he said “I can handle it.”
I was ready to just give up,
But he knew he could take it on.
He pursued me beyond what any love had done before.
My heart sealed away in chains,
He entered the great romance.
And every assailant attacking me took it out on him.
He beared the pain, the weight, the grief.
His father turned away.
He said, “Give it all to me.” And took it to his death.
And with his blood, my heart flew free.
He stands against every attack on me, his bride to be.
He is the greatest lover who cherishes and delights in me.
He makes me beautiful in my disgrace.
He pursues me to any end.
He is the love of my life.
He wrote our ultimate love story.
He is my comfort, my life, my groom.
He is the King of kings.

A Beginning


Hold me close
Just hold on tight
Live in the moment
This feels so right

Don’t let go
Don’t go away
Here in your arms
Everything’s okay

Just please trust me
And I’ll trust you
Together we’ll live
A life that’s brand new

So many questions
But don’t worry.  That’s fine.
I know that we will
Figure them out in time

So let’s enjoy this
And take it day by day
Just take my hand
And with you I’ll stay


Since it’s Valentine’s day I decided I should write a “love poem”.

My dad has written poems for my mom for Valentine’s day, and since a lot of the things I’ve come to know and love are from him I figured I try my hand at this.

I think one of the things I like a lot about art (and what you should keep in mind as you read this poem) is that you can create something from experience or what you see, but at the same time you can come up with something that you’re just inspired about and don’t have to pin point exactly what you’re writing, painting, or singing about.  Art can be direct or it can be ambiguous.  That’s what makes it art.

It’s because you’re always on my mind- even when I sleep.
It’s because my words can’t be confined- you make secrets impossible to keep.

It’s because I can’t help but smiling- even when you think I’m not.
It’s because these reasons keep on piling- and not one could be forgot.

It’s because you mean more to me- than I think you ever realize.
It’s because my heart skips a beat- when I see you look at my eyes.

It’s because you send me to the moon- when you laugh at something I say.
It’s because whether it’s midnight or noon- you always brighten my day.

It’s because you make me want to strive- to be the best I can be.
It’s because you make me feel so alive- and I know you’re the only one for me.

It’s because I love it when you’re silly- and when you’re serious too.
It’s because I don’t have to be frilly- and can just be me when I’m with you

It’s because you’re like a comfy sweater- you always make me feel warm.
It’s because no one is better- than you at making me feel reborn.

It’s because you always know what to say- when I’m not feeling like myself.
It’s because your kindness could never be repaid- it’s flawless in and of itself.

It’s because you’re so brilliant- you blow my mind away.
It’s because you seem resilient- when my strength seems to give way.

It’s because you have a beautiful soul- and you let me see your thoughts.
It’s because you know just how to console- when I’m worse than distraught.

It’s because you brighten up my life- when I see that smile on your face.
It’s because everything feels all right- when our fingers interlace.

It’s because you deal with the crazy things- that I’m so bent on saying.
It’s because you stick with me whatever life brings- and it’s with you I’m staying.

It’s because you have integrity- unlike any I’ve seen before.
It’s because this is reality- you’re all I want, and more.

It’s because I can’t forget your face- but to me it’s always new.
It’s because no one could take your place- no matter what you do.

It’s because you make my heart melt- when you act as sweet as can be.
It’s because this is a feeling I’ve never felt- but it seems so familiar to me.

It’s because you make me laugh- when I try my hardest not to.
It’s because you’re my other half- and it’s because I love you.

Pink and Purple Paper Butterflies

Hey you with the shining eyes
That glance you took left me paralyzed
I’m into you
You get me every time

Hey you with that soft, thick hair
My heart just stopped when I saw you there
I really want to
Make you and I a pair

You’re everything I want and more
You’re the only one I’m falling for
So give me and you just a little time
Let me make you mine

Hey you with that perfect smile
Won’t you stay with me just a little while
Once time is through
You’d realize it’s worthwhile

Hey you with that laugh so deep
You’re on my mind even when I sleep
Don’t you know that you
Are the one I want to keep

I’m letting all my feelings show
I should’ve told you this all long ago
I’m trying to fit in your life’s design
Let me say you’re mine


I don’t know if you realize
How much I love these two
The depth and beauty in Philips eyes
Zach’s personality too

I can’t imagine how life would be
If I didn’t have my brothers
We’ve bonded in a way I couldn’t foresee
And I don’t want any others

Cuz God’s blessed me with these two boys
and they’re the ones who light up my day
It’s these two who give me joy
And make me tear up when I’m away

These two polar opposites
Growing up side by side
Become each other’s compliments
And my greatest pride

I’ll never be able to express
The words that fit them just right
I’ll never show enough love or thankfulness
That they deserve for gracing my life