Spending a Blizzard with Mr. Jones

I’m glad to see you Mr. Jones
But why on earth are you still here?
I thought you would leave now that you’re grown
But you brave this place without fear

Mr. Jones, I’m curious.  Why didn’t you leave?
All of your other friends did
They went to Florida or Brazil I believe
But it’s like leaving is something you’d forbid

Tell me Mr. Jones, why you of all
Would be the one to stay?
However, I’m glad you didn’t leave in the fall
Your vibrance brightens my day

Mr. Jones, you’re a gift to the eyes
A treat for those who can find you
Even if the snow is your disguise
You’ve given this tundra a bright view


Sometimes I Wish I Could Be a Cow

Call me crazy, but I envy these cattle
They’re as patient and tolerant as can be
Their lives are simple, no struggles, no battles
They just live each day as they please

In a way, they’ve nursed us from our youth
They’re our foster mothers in a weird sense
We live off of the milk that they produce
So say hi to your momma behind the fence

Just think how free you would feel
If you ate as much as you like
Getting to eat the biggest meals
Tasting it as often as your mouth delights

Imagine life not worrying about weight
You could pile on the pounds without care
Big is beautiful.  It feels so great
“Oh, I’m fat?  I was not aware.”

This may be pointless or dumb
It may be just a stupid thought
An idea I couldn’t keep away from
But not a goal that I’ve sought

Yeah, I must be crazy for praising a cow
But they’ve got stamina and character, right?
I’m glad to be human, but anyhow
To be like a cow would be nice

What is “absolute” and what is “relative”?

God I need you to answer my prayer.
Holy Spirit I need you there.
I’m lost and confused.  I need your advice.
Show me how to live a life that loves Christ.

Assumptions are surrounding me.
I need understanding to be set free.
Open my eyes and show me your path.
Let not my actions fall under your wrath.

Jesus, I love you.  You know this is true.
But I’ve got a lot do overcome before I’m like you.
Show me how to love but not break your heart.
Keep me for your own.  Don’t let me depart.

You know why I’m here.
You know what I hold dear.
Give me guidance in this.
Don’t let me forget you in my bliss.

Lord, I need you.  It’s as simple as that.
Can you please show me where your will is at?
I know answers aren’t instant, and I’ll have to wait.
But God, please help me.  Make my path straight.

The Poet Who Hates Poetry

Now we really know that I don’t hate all poetry, but I’m upset with the modern perception of poetry today.  This doesn’t include every poet (amateur and professional), but it does include a lot of them.

I don’t like the idea that in order for it to be art, it has to be abstract.  Since when was this a rule?  What happened to the melodious writings of Wordsworth?  The creativity of Shakespeare?  The rhythm and description of Poe?  The simplicity of Frost?  The daily life applied into the work of Dickinson?  It’s these people that made me fall in love with poetry… and now modern writers make me less enthusiastic in my search for new pieces of written art.

Yes, I do not deny the fact that some free verse poems can be art… but I’m not quite sure that every odd compilation of words IS free verse.    I feel that people are digging too deep into the art of the word and not the communication.  (and I confess, I am guilty of this too!)

The underground jazz clubs and scholarly expectations of today’s society have thrown people into this mindset that the old style of poetry is too basic for us modern people.  If this is true then why do people quote Shakespeare’s sonnets still today?

Yes, I can like abstract poems and free verse, but I will forever be a lover of the melodious, rhythmic, and  rhyming verses our modern society calls “childish.”

People don’t tend to listen to songs with notes that don’t work together and a melody that doesn’t flow, nor do they listen to speakers who are terrible at communication.

Flow + Communication + The “it” factor = Good poetry.

So here’s me saying to all you fellow poets out there, and to myself as well.  Please don’t discount the “outdated” ways of poetry, because they are possibly the most beautifully penned works of art mankind has to offer.

po·et·ry [poh-i-tree] – noun

1. The art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, forexciting pleasure by
beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts.

2. Literary work in metrical form; verse.

A Beginning


Hold me close
Just hold on tight
Live in the moment
This feels so right

Don’t let go
Don’t go away
Here in your arms
Everything’s okay

Just please trust me
And I’ll trust you
Together we’ll live
A life that’s brand new

So many questions
But don’t worry.  That’s fine.
I know that we will
Figure them out in time

So let’s enjoy this
And take it day by day
Just take my hand
And with you I’ll stay

Life Goes Too Slow

Watching the clock tick by
Just another second till the day I die
Makes me ponder if the past was worth it
I wonder… Would I still commit?

The past is not worth the price I paid
But those decisions are worth who I am today
Still, I question what I’m doing in this moment
Maybe this idle feeling is a portent

I have a problem with impatience
I tend to get dissatisfied with my placement
The feeling of being idle drives me insane
Not doing more makes me feel drained

I want to leap forward.  I want to make strides
But maybe I should utilize what this time provides…
I’m a person who lives by leaps and bounds
But I’m stuck here just waiting.  Tied and held down.

Conversational Poetry

What happens when I can’t think of anything to write about, so I enlist one of my friends (unbeknownst to him) into writing a poem with me through facebook chat.

You = problem. As you are slowing down the bus
Really, you dont need to fuss

I’m cranky and hungry and can’t talk?
Why’d you take the bus then? You could walk

Its on another campus
Well at least it’s not in Kansas

Have to bus
Well, then why was this something to discuss

Lol I’m just kidding by the way
You’ll get there soon without anymore delay

While I am hungry. I am greeeeeeeat!
I would offer you food. But I already ate

And I can’t talk but I’ll get by
It’s not that bad. You won’t die.

Sign language for the win
No voice is good for giving body language a spin

Did the bus have a croud?

The test is near!

Yes and yes
Well then God bless

10 minutes
but time can have its limits

Uh huh
so duhh

I’m from minnesota

Oh sorry. Pop
The word is soda, now stop

K sorry
As a sign of forgiveness.. take me on a safari

You don’t have a lot of time

Adding to the book
The tests almost here. Look!

Lol k test time.
Hope you enjoyed this convo in rhyme

I’m Seeing Red

An ode to the color red…

I really do not like you
You make me kinda mad
Whenever I’m around you
It’s like my head just needs a bag

You’re so unforgiving on my skin
You make me pale or lobster like
You don’t work for me, but to my chagrin
You like everyone else just fine

You are the epitome of anger
Hatred at it’s finest
You define outrage and rancor
And this isn’t just my bias.

You are the sign of guilt
You sweep across faces in shame
You arise when embarrassment is built
And cover the hands of those to blame

You are the mark of a burn
The signature of flame
Consuming all.  To ash they turn
In wounds you leave them maimed

You are the trace of life
The fluid coursing through our veins
Revealed from under the knife
The end of our days in stain

Then again, you are somewhat good
You’re the look of a passionate fight
Having fury that a spirit should
Through you desire ignites

I’ll give it to you, I suppose
You are a meaning of love
Without you where is depth to a rose?
What other look would we think of?

So, fine.  I do not hate you
But I’d rather you’d leave me alone
Give me life, passion, love then shoo
Just please, go off on your own

Fulfilled in a Medley

An acrostic poem.

Combined together to never separate
On each other’s side from now on
Mixed flavors distinct yet individual
Providing a new and surpassing taste
Living in this inseparable fusion
Each part becomes one in the same
Maybe its chocolate and banana
Even dramatic and calm possibly
Now blended to make something new
Totally complete with the other