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I decided that I wanted to try posting the poems I write out where people I know can see them.   I’m not necessarily saying that all my poems will go up here, or that everything I write on this blog will be poetry; however, I will be posting anything that I’m comfortable with sharing.

Some of my poems can be sad, and some of them may sound cheesey.  But I write what I want.  Poetry is one of the only ways I’ve found that I can be honest with myself and what I’m really feeling.

And yes, sometimes I get a terrible writer’s block and don’t write anything for a long time… and sometimes I get a terrible writers block halfway through a poem and the end comes crashing down in some form of crappy dinsey inspirational line (or even worse it starts out that way!)

I’m super critical of what I write, but none the less I’m putting it out there possibly for people I know to read.. or even possibly just to a void.


Who knows?

I also want to try mini-blogging in the form of a haiku.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep it up, or always think of something, but I think it would be a short and sweet way to give people a glimpse into my life.

Either way, this blog is “the art of my soul, the declaration of my reality, and the song of my silent melody. “


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