My Bucket List

See a broadway play ACTUALLY ON broadway
See the Minnesota Vikings play in a Super Bowl
Drive a dodge charger.  Even if it’s just once.
Get a college degree
Bike across the United States
Be a mom
Roadtrip with friends
Kiss underwater
Have a baking fight
Actually achieve a tan
Go to NYC and Cali.
Fly first class on an international flight.
Be able to do the splits.
Catch a freshwater fish bigger than 10lbs.
Ride in a limo.
Kiss in the rain.
Read the complete works of Shakespeare
Find the love of my life and get married

2 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. Do it. Do all of it. Don’t let your life be swallowed up by the tedium of it all. But always keep this in mind–the adventure is so much more if you find someone to share it with. That is my belief, and my contribution to your list…

    …find the love of your life.

    Good luck and the very best of wishes.

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